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Image upload guidelines

Although not mandatory, it is recommended to follow these guidelines for best results:

  • Crop your image to exclude any unrelated elements or borders.
  • Ensure your picture is in 1:1 aspect ratio.
  • Although there is tolerance for low to medium quality images, higher quality may yield better results.

The Gamerpic Finder is a search tool powered by AI that allows you to search for a gamerpic by uploading an image. It can locate identical gamerpics, as well as similar ones, based on various criteria.

When you upload an image, it will return the first 50 matching gamerpics based on their similarity score. If you are looking for an identical gamerpic, it should usually appear in the top 5 results. If you are searching for similar gamerpics, there isn't much data on its performance yet, but it seems effective for certain types like anime pictures or cars.

Try uploading a better image by following the guidelines above. If you still don't find the gamerpic, it probably means it isn't in the database yet. In that case, you can contact me at @methodw on Discord, and I will do further research on it.

The server hosting the gamerpic finder can occasionally cause issues, and unfortunately only the hosting service can fix it. Typically, the server is fixed within a few hours, so I recommend waiting for a bit before trying again.